On visiting a popular Art and Craft Market in Lagos, we met Sansui who makes beautiful handcrafted wooden interior decorative pieces. While glancing appreciatively at this foldable handcrafted stool, he asked us with his face beaming “you like am abi? E dey fold oh”. He then went on to show us how to fold and unfold the stool “very strong, I come polish am make e dey shine, na better wood I use , anybody fit sit down on top”. He hits the surface and sits on it “you fit sit down on top madam, e nor go break”. He caresses the surface of the stool, “I fit do any design wey you want”. We communicated our pleasure with wide grins, asked for the price and bought a piece after negotiations. Our day is made with the pure joy on Sanusi’s face; it was so tangible it could be held. A few weeks later, Sanusi’s foldable stool and other beautiful handcrafted pieces start to sell on the Alamu Platform.

Alamu owned by Saloretun Nigeria Limited came to be from the need to bridge the gap between Cottage Practitioners like Sanusi and their buyers. This platform functions to enable our sellers tell their stories, express their emotions and share their gifts through the items they create and sell.

There are numerous creative minds especially in Nigeria and they lack an exclusive platform to share their gifts and skills with their target audience while making profit hence our team coming together to solve this need with Alamu. We are here for the promotion, growth and success of the cottage industry in Nigeria and subsequently the Sub-Saharan Africa.

We do not have a warehouse, just a market place where people sell and buy these unusually beautiful things they love.

Are you a lover of creativity, innovation, authenticity and indigeneity? Alamu is definitely your plug.

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