What do you give someone who has everything?

We documented a customer’s experience and thought to share…here you go:

Some days ago, I missed an older friend’s birthday, we’ll name him Remi. Remi is special so I needed to fix the error immediately.  In the bid to atone for my sins, I decided to apologize with a gift. Gifts are essential in making the world go round (not that the world is in any other shape). They have played an important role in developing healthy, loving relationships. They show just how much you care for your friends, partners, and loved ones, and how much you understand them.

The task of choosing the gift was hard! What do you give someone who has everything? oil perfumes, wristwatches, birthday cards, shoes, clothes? Don’t get me wrong …these are great gifts but they weren’t working for the recipient because they were going to be another addition to the existing ones. I needed an item he didn’t have even though he had everything? You get? 

Let’s move to the best part of the gist, I reached out to a friend who introduced me to Alamu – A marketplace for unique and locally-made items and then the magic happened! Apparently, Remi is a tea fan and TRIANGLE COASTERS to place his mug was the perfect match. I made my order and got it delivered with a handwritten note.

 I knew I had scored big when I got the crochet pieces… the colors… the style… and the best part is that I didn’t have to break the bank for this. Remi loved it! So I did score. You should totally visit ALAMU for those special gifts and HERE IS another style of coaster if you do not want the triangle coasters. I’ll say “You are welcome” and “Happy Gifting!”

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